The facts | Protect Alberta’s Nurses

The planned cuts to Alberta’s health care system will have far-reaching and immediate consequences. Residents across the province will feel their effect now, and for years to come. Here’s what to expect if Kenney and the UCP get their way.

750 less nursing jobs in Alberta

Jason Kenney and the UCP are planning massive layoffs in our health care system that will leave 750 nurses out of work.

Worse working conditions for remaining nurses

On top of the layoffs, the government is planning on making life harder for the nurses who do remain. Contract rollbacks will result in pay cuts, wage freezes, and rest days for some of those working hardest to protect the health of Alberta residents.

Countless lost lives

Alberta hospitals are already feeling the strain of staffing issues. What will happen after the cuts when there are even less front line workers available to care for sick Albertans?