SIGN: Demand Safe Nurse Staffing

After two years of the pandemic, nurses and health care workers are overworked, burnt out, and are struggling, worsening the staffing shortage that existed before the pandemic. Right now, without enough nurses to cover shifts, Albertans’ health care is at risk. 

Only Jason Kenney and the UCP have the power to change this, but in the 2022 Budget consultation, they had the audacity to ask Albertans whether they should cut public health care spending. We urgently need to let them know that reducing public health care spending in the middle of this pandemic is the opposite of what needs to be done. We must increase funding for our public health care system and increase staffing levels to protect Albertans across the province.

Ahead of the Budget in February, nurses and our public health care system are in urgent need of your help. In the face of a disastrous fifth wave of COVID-19, the UCP government needs to face the realities of a health care system that they have pushed to the brink of collapse. We need safe staffing levels now to provide safe care for Albertans.

Sign the petition calling on Kenney and the UCP to guarantee high-quality health care for Albertans by increasing funding for our public health care system and ensuring safe staffing levels of nurses.

Sign to help nurses.