Email Your MLA To Invest In Alberta’s Nurses

Our health care system needs urgent care. Alberta’s nurses and health care workers are overworked and burnt out. The staffing situation in our hospital putting Albertans’ health care at risk.

With the next Budget coming soon, Jason Kenney and the UCP need to make it clear they have a plan to invest in and protect our public health care system. Without a focus on preserving public health care, there will be more delayed surgeries, unsafe staffing levels, and system with fewer and fewer health care workers. We need to invest in more nurses in hospitals across Alberta now. 

Nurses and health care workers have done so much for Albertans in the past two years of the pandemic. We can’t let Alberta’s nurses down. 

Send an email to your MLA demanding they invest in nurses and health care workers in this Budget to ensure safe staffing levels in our public health care system.

Email your MLA to support nurses.