Say ‘No’ to Private Health Care

The UCP’s plan for our public health care system is dangerous. By pushing privatization they are creating a two-tier health care system in Alberta. They are putting more strain on our already overburdened nurses. Their plan needs to stop now. 

Health care privatization doesn’t bring more nurses and doctors to our province—it creates unsafe staffing conditions. Our hospitals are already dealing with staffing shortages after countless nurses burned out or fled the province during the pandemic because of UCP mismanagement. The UCP’s latest plan only serves to funnel more doctors and nurses into a private-for-profit system.

This means less staff to care for you and your family, and longer wait times for urgent surgeries. 

Sign our petition to call on the government to stop their plan for privatization and instead invest in our province’s public health care system.

Support our nurses. Defend public health care.